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Custom Jackets, Coats, Vests, Mittens, and More
Made with Genuine Pendleton® and Woolrich® Fabric

Rocky Trails Outerwear
Deloris Arrowsmith - Arlee, Montana

custom pendleton blanket jackets
Deloris-Pendleton-Blanket-CoatsHi, I'm Deloris and thanks for taking time to visit my website about my great products I enjoy making for folks.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself and the coats, and other unique products, I love creating using Pendleton® and Woolrich® fabrics .

Growing up in Great Falls, Montana, I spent a lot of time watching my mother sew on her Singer treadle machine. For fun, I started out making bean bags for myself and in no time was supplying them to the neighbor kids.

When I was in the 8th grade taking home-economics, I made a dress for my project and to my surprise my dress won 1st place out of all the schools in our district.

After that, I realized I had a talent for sewing and it was something I really enjoyed. After I got married, I started making clothes for my girls when they were young, my clothes, and western shirts for my husband.

Deloris-Pendleton-Blanket-Coats This progressed into sewing clothes for small companies that retailed my products, as well as products that I would sew exclusively for their stores. After a few years I found myself having to support myself due to my husband's passing. At the same time one of the companies I sewed for moved out of state and then later sold, so I lost an income resource for my work.

What really prompted me to start out on my own was people asking me if I would still sew them one of my unique coats, or other little specialities I make, using Pendleton® and Woolrich® fabrics. It was these early customers that allowed me to perfect my work, make money and create the different items I now offer for sale.

Deloris-Pendleton-Blanket-Coats As I perfected my craft my dream became to take my coats to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The NFR is the most prestigious and exciting rodeo event of the year, gathering the best cowboys and cowgirls to compete for world titles in each of their events. It attracts thousands of visitors and rodeo enthusiasts, folks who I knew would love my work.

After a few years and lots of moral support from my daughter, new husband, and friends, I can proudly say I am presenting my unique products at the Sands Convention Center during the November Country Christmas Gift Show at the Indian National Finals Rodeo. I also present my products yearly at the December National Finals Rodeo. Both of these events are in Las Vegas.

sI have a variety of products that I offer using Pendleton® and Woolrich® fabrics. I have regular jackets, Cowboy Cut Coats, 3/4 length coats and vests. Some of my other neat stuff includes purses, doggie coats and mittens. All of which I am sure you will enjoy perusing.

It gives me so much pleasure to hear comments and the reaction of the people when they try on the coats that I enjoy making. It is even much sweeter as they walk off wearing one of my creations or they pick out a product as a wonderful gift for their special someone.

So click here to browse my catalog to learn about the different products available using Pendleton® and Woolrich® fabrics. You are welcome to order through my website, visit me at the National Finals Rodeo, or let me create a special order product for you and yours.

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